Creation is a continual and evolutionary process, constantly digesting and reevaluating past experiences and current perspectives. My work has always been deliberately enigmatic and mysterious. I constantly strive to generate a strange and curious quality that both tantalizes and challenges the viewer to develop his own response system. The work must have an existence of its own if it is to have any real significance.

David Huchthausen

David Huchthausen is one of an elite group of artists who have impacted the history of contemporary art. As a Sculptor, Fulbright Scholar, University Professor and Museum Consultant, his achievements over the past 35 years have played a vital role in the evolution of glass into a fine art form. Huchthausen's widely publicized work is included in the permanent collections of 60 major museums worldwide including the Metropolitan Museum in New York, The Smithsonian in Washington D.C., the Hokkaido Museum in Sapporo, Japan and the Museum of Fine Art in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Ferdinand Hampson - Habatat Galleries

One of the most interesting aspects of Huchthausen's sculpture is the way it suggests both monumentality and intimacy. Making smaller versions would remove the suggestion of monumentality, reducing them to preciousness. Enlarging them would disrupt their spatial ambiguity, by making them architectural in a literal sense... Huchthausen's works ultimately preserve the kind of human, if not life-size, sense of scale that has become a casualty as so much modern art.

Robert Silberman - University of Minnesota

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